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The Dreams of Animals

by Neil Cousin (2016)

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My Unknown Companion Don’t stare no more your looking glass You are full, you are finely made Swimming in the deep suburban nothing, you are something So save me from the undertow My unknown companion Waits unseen, waits unseen In the hallway and she listens In the dark, for my heart You put them out in a flood of doubt Catholic candles, pink plastic sandals On holiday, the end of May With your family and friends, Visigoths and Vandals A greater god than my own, Coughs a nervous cough in the hall A nervous hand is withdrawn No one’s seen her lately, I think she’s moved away And now I leave my wishes In their new clothes, at the new school I much prefer the old days As things were all those years ago
Leg Bone Flute I have been cut from the fabric of a sheet That lined your sick bed, which you kept for reasons lost You are a ghost and I carry on your secret For reasons lost I carry you inside And in the copper of these strings there lies a virtue There is a collar for a hound you used to own It's the last straw, it's the final disappointment It's the hunger you used to own Leg bone flute, leg bone flute, leg bone flute Leg bone flute, leg bone flute, leg bone flute You were born by means of deception By my light you were shown to be lost You're in love with the struggle, you've got no time for other Infatuations, loves or complications Can you find love in loneliness? Can you find a home in hate? Is there hope in your despairing? Do you win by a crashing mistake?
Happy Ending Vampire Story She talks in tongues, have you heard about her? Her work is never done and she crawls about on all fours for fun In the land of the living she keeps on giving She talks in tongues And I love her as a fable I will help her if I'm able She wore white to my funeral, she wore white to my funeral There are holes in her memory, there are coals in her eyes There are spaces in the places where her loving used to hide She is cold she is dead and she drinks the blood of strangers And I'd like to get to know her more despite the obvious dangers Maybe this will be A happy ending vampire story Maybe I have worked for the devil, I’ve run errands for the priest I am always overworked and underpaid to say the least So I'm tired of pleasing masters I am pleased to take a mistress Of the rich she is the richest she has seven lovely sisters Maybe when she bites me I bite back Maybe when I smile she smiles back I have staked my heart on her, I'll have to stake her in the heart I like silver I like garlic I like sunshine she likes art But then I think about her often and my heart begins to soften And I invite her in as she grins a toothy grin
Lock Keeper's Daughter I took up with a weird ghost Who walked in the shadow, spread seeds in the meadow And haunted the water, my memory falters She spread sadness and rumours, handwritten notes of the fury consuming her Bargained and bought her, I've been here before her I got carried away, there is nothing to say, She is long gone and I still remain, If I wait, if I wait she will come back again Oh horror, oh horror She was the lock keeper's daughter Here I walk and I walk, From deep in the town to the deep where I drown And I call out to her though no one is there I took over her post By the delicate increments smaller than salt crystals She threw me over and I fell before her.
Black Dog 03:42
Black Dog Grating on a feather brave Master McGrath I wore you on my shoulder, I bore you on the path I swore I’d be a soldier, I’d rather be a priest You will wait for nothing but company at least Black dog right beside me The injured line the streets to welcome you home The mourners wearing feathers never waive their fees at all I wish you a safe journey, I break a bottle on your head I think there’s something wrong with me I should have drunk it back instead Black dog right beside me One, two, three, four, five, six, seven times you asked her Does this thing go any faster? Hey we see the effigy, eight times she whispered Disaster, disaster
4:38am Stand-Off I bring my words towards your head with a terrifying speed I spell your name in the sand, I clip the wings of a flea Wide is the view in my window I have insincere dreams My poems written absent minded while the TV is on Pass on these words from my heart that I take it all back It doesn't really make up for all the things that I said For all my absences and lapses please forgive and forget That I plagiarised and lied I give as good as I get The fear of failing son is on me There's things I never did that haunt me The flickering failing sun is slowly fading away Before I had the chance Before I had the chance I hitch a ride in your car I nail my flag to your mast I put you first in the list of those I want to come last I make a fire of your work and as it burns it's my muse It keeps it me warm in the morning keeps me cold and confused A man's as strong as his bones and his bones made of dust The work he does in his life is just smoke in the gusts Are there really things in the breeze Your name my name carved in the trees
The Dreams of Animals You are like the dreams of animals You are half finished with an inexplicable delight You wear the skin the fur the feathers of another life I have fallen further faster ever, ever, ever I had a plan, long, long ago But it went wrong And it's too late, not long to go Below, below, below You are a velcro puppet confession box Sin flounders on your rocky promontory helplessly I leave a note I pay the bill there is a trace of me I build an alibi from tiny pieces of the universe Faith in love will undo your dreams The dreams that lie in darkness in the comfort of the night Only love will undo your seams You have survived so many times It's no surprise your stitches strain And your patches are a patchwork Throw it out and start again As if to quote yourself repeatedly Will somehow clear your head The thread is lost and now unravelling
Cartoon Telephone Sad songs when she’s happy Christmas carols when she’s dead Life will never be the same Flowers for lovers Christmas crackers on her deathbed Not like the others You can’t believe what other lovers say She’s a part of a plan that swiftly came apart She’s a part of a scene, doomed to failure from the start She calls me two sheets to the wind But I’m not in to that my dear Piano, Anvil, twenty tons All suspend above my head You hit me with a frying pan My head goes flat but springs back again I run and I run right off the cliff My head still spinning, I wonder if Life will ever be the same? She said she was a lonely girl I said this is a lonely world
Bad Things 05:49
Bad Things Can’t believe you’re out, falling all about Causing all the wrong vibes Everything you do makes me think that you Don’t give a fuck tonight Bad things happen on the brink Happen when you drink Don’t you think? Good things happen to the good Happen when they should If they only would Most people think you’re mad You seem to have it bad Born in to the wrong time Daytime you wander streets, count the cars And heart beats, time leaks Oh lay me out Like you’re a cannon ball, a boxer or a wall Oh follow me Off to war or on the breeze or out to sea For any time, for a crime Would you like to wait in line? Old men have the same days as you They have the same point of view Aching but try not to let it show Oh for a dream, for anything My memory fails
St Cecilia's Day In a house, in a town, I could throw my arms around The failure of a fear that runs from there to here Oh well she sits next to me though I travel alone just me I will wait for her shadow to appear I will wait for her year after year On a horse she rode, through a car park in a suburb She wore a necklace, half asleep and reckless Can you help me find a witness? If you are afraid, don't succumb so quietly Shout for her oh scream for her oh sing to her delightfully With love she waits, for losers at the finish line She hands out the medals whilst the medal winners stand in line It was Saint Cecilia's day when the fear failed It was Saint Cecilia's day when I threw my arms around It was Saint Cecilia's day and she was real It was Saint Cecilia's day, Saint Cecilia's day
Moat Hill 05:23
Moat Hill As I sat upon the hill, vodka, moonlight, pills Something heats the air, my human body isn't there And in the sky I see, a hundred hopeful dreams Can you believe in human folly? No Where does the evening go? I wake up in blind confusion And blind Ophelia weeps for all her bankrupt dreams A place to hide her body from the fishes in the stream That nibble at her feet, and saturate her dreams Can you believe in human folly? No Where does the evening go? I wake up in blind confusion Wasn't there a thing that you nearly said to me? Wasn't there a thing, wasn't there a thing That you thought but didn't sing? When you passed out on the Moat Hill And sitting on my arse, seeing stars through the grass Some things are for free if you have the guts to ask Tunnels go from here, I wipe away a tear And take my chances, don't remember, no Where does the evening go? I wake up in blind confusion I need your loving eyes, your loving eyes to hold me You wore a bad disguise, a bad disguise today As I realise your barricades are falling It was a bad disguise, a bad disguise today


Oilbug Music 2016 (www.oilbugmusic.com)


released September 16, 2016

Produced by Isi Clarke and Neil Cousin
All songs written by Neil Cousin


Recorded by Isi Clarke at Grange Farm Studio, Cambs.
Strings arranged by Isi Clarke and Tom Maddison
See individual track credits for additional musicians and mix credits
Design & photography by Dan Donovan at Battenberg
Original pinhole photograph – Karen Harvey
With special thanks to the Wisbech Museum


all rights reserved



Neil Cousin and the Julia Sounds UK

Songs about nothing, stream of consciousness anecdotes and unreliable testimonies to events that never happened.

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